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#8x V/2" Fh woodscrew

The wine rack sits on a base made by wrapping hardwood aprons around a plywood panel. This provides a stable support for setting the rack on a countertop, a tabletop, or anywhere else you might want to locate it.

APRONS. 1 started on the base by cutting the front/back (K) and side aprons (L) to final width. But I left them a little long. This way, I could cut them for a perfect fit later.

To join the aprons to the panel, you'll need to cut a groove along the top inside edge of each apron (see drawing above). Then to match the look of the front trim, chamfer the top outside edge of each apron, like you see in detail 'a.'

BASE PANEL. Tlie next step is to cut the base panel (M) to final size. 'Ihen cut a rabbet along each edge of the panel, sneaking up on the fit until the tongue just slips into the grooves you cut in the aprons.

To complete the base, all you need to do is miter each apron

NOTE: Rails are made from hardwood, base panel is made from -A" plywood

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