Back Panel

*6x%-Fh woodscrew

Bottom, panel

Installing the Dividers. Since the dividers are not glued together it's easy to apply the finish. And after assembly, they slide straight into the case from the back.

NOTE: Back panel is made from V*" plywood


In many projects, the first thing you have to do is deride un the si/c. For example, with a bedroom dresser, you can build a small version or a larger style. Fither way, once vou've completed it, you can't change it. But that's not the case with this modular wine server.

Here, I started small using a pair of cases in >m the coun-tertop wine ra<.k on page 18 as a building After adding a ba-: : -'>me wineglass hoid.-r-, 1 h..d a "complete" pr -vet

But it" your r«i ds- change or your wine ■ ~<r- grows, this server rarh ¿ right along with r •• u can even rearrange tf- l.i\> of the inside of the lirt^- For some inspirai - - " • look at the photos < • • rp»"ite page and the Kick « - r.

Cases can be fitted with wineglass holders, drawers, or shelves

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