Bessev Aiucle

In a perfect world, assembling a project would go smoothly. All the parts would stay aligned and a!J the joints would fit snugly. But we all know that assembly time can ¿rei pretty hectic. So whether it's miter joints, face frames, or even putting together a plywood case,

Plastic-coated jaws resist glue and finishes

Jaws pivot to allow for different material thickness

Compact clamp fits in a toolbox

Notches in rear jaw let you clamp T-shaped joints and provide access to corner joints for drilling and driving one way to avoid the juggling act is to work on only one corner joint at a time. But for this strategy to work, you'll need some way to keep the joint together. Thankfully I found a few unique, corner clamps to come to the rescue. These unusual-looking clamps make it easy to get tight-fitting joints. And they keep project parts aligned at exactly 90°.

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