Bessey Angle Clamp

The first clamp I took a look at is the Bessey Angte Clamp. It's shown in the photos at left and below.

NOTCHED JAW. V. - - mp apart are the ur : . - r :-r-.x jaws. The V-?h ■ r r 1 op - - a in the fixed, rear jaw 7 _ - - r.\ o reference faces tor ; r or; - At the back of this j^v . notice a pair of notches —--things. F".-: : - ide access to the join: screw-ware Se vou : right ph.

I meni i- . .0 But that's only partly true E\ en though it doesn't slide rr>enings do two

- . - ■; holes, driving _ .._ g other hard-nd . the notches allow irr.r T-joints, as in the below.

r ed before that this jaw

The Bessey Angle Clamp opens wide enough to clamp mite' jo rs --oto) as well as pieces that aren't the same width (middle photo) Notches r tne ".xed jaw allow that damp to grip T-joints with ease (right photo).

With the Rockier Clamp-It Assembly Square and a pair of clamps you can quickly align and square up large plywood cases.

The Multi-Spanner


Swivel ing damp lets you apply pressure r gh* where you need i

Clamp screws can be positioned in two locations

low Tech: Sometimes, Simple Will Do

Just about everyone could : third hand when it comes r J -assembly. And that s . t two clamping helper- . see the photos at right com e -

The jet jointing Cle." : r ti- ,-n photo works like a paper c ip r- > wood. Two stainles- stee r; ~ springs grip workfie::.- t_ _ thick and hold then» agains: glass-reinforced plastic bodv

The Rockier Clanip-lt --;.v Square (right photo) isn't a clamp.

^ But its thick, polycarbonate bodv makes it easy to attach clamps and hold case parts at a perfect 90c for assembly and glue up.

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