Countertop Wine Rack

This simple project is functional, stylish, and easy to builc. t's also the basis for even bigger anc more versatile storage projects.

One thing that really attracted me to this wine rack is its modular design. Besides the great stand-alone project you see above, it's just as easy to expand it into the wine server or buffet that are described later.

But it isn't just for storing wine. You can use it as a foundation for a number of storage options. Building two or more of these basic units allows you to combine them in different ways. For starters, you can stack them one on top of another, or arrange them side by side — you can even do a combination of both if you'd like. By adding a new base for sup port or altering the interior design, you can change the function and appearance significantly.

The most interesting part of this countertop wine rack is the interlocking gridwork of dividers that separates the bottles of wine. At first glance, it looks like a puzzle you might find in a toy store. But unlike those puzzles, this grid is really quite easy to make and assemble. And since the dividers aren't glued together, finishing all the parts is a snap.

But before you get to finishing the divider assembly, you'll need to build the case and base that holds it.

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