How-To; Interlocking notches

Horizontal Slat Center Notch. Finally, cut the center notches of each of the horizontal slats at the centerline of the slat.

At first glance, the divider assembly shown at right appears more difficult to build than it actually is. But it's really nothing more than making a few different size slats and then cutting identical notches in each one.

SOLID ASSEMBLY. The notches are the key to forming a solid assembly when you fit the dividers together. For a good, tight fit, you'll need to accurately locate and size each notch. But don't worry, there are a couple tips to ensure that everything comes out just right.

CUTTING THE NOTCHES. The table saw and a dado blade make quick work of cutting identically sized notches. You can learn more about getting a perfect fit between the notches and slats by making a test notch and then planing your stock to match. There's more about this on page 31.

To ensure that the locations of all the notches shown in the drawing at right are consistent, it's a good idea to make a reference mark on the bottom of each slat before you start. You can see how f did below.

You'll also see a couple other handy tips in the drawings for cut-

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