At this point the chest still needs a couple drawers to fill the openings.

DOVETAILS. Honestly, the drawer joinery didn't take much thought. I knew right off the bat that I wanted to put my dovetail jig to use on some half-blind dovetailed drawers. Everything you need to put the boxes together is shown above. So vou can take it from there.

DRAWER fRONTS. I went with a full-overlav style for the false fronts on the drawer boxes. They're cut to size from 3/g"-thick stock and then get a roundover with a shoulder on the edges. Once the fronts are screwed in place, the drawers not only looks great, but are easy to fit.

DRAWER GUIDES. When you've finished putting the drawers together, the last step is to install the slides. You'll find the center-mount system used here is easy to install and gives the drawers a smtxith slide.

The J/4r,-thick runners are rabbeted to fit into the web frames and allow clearance for the drawer bottom.

Runner Clearance. Use a runner with pieces of tape on the sides to space the guides on the drawer bottom.

Saw Kerfs, To make the notch in the drawer back, I cut a series of saw kerfs and then chiseled out the waste between them.

How-To: Drawer Installation Details

I'll just go over the baacs here and you can check out the box below for some of the me points. First, each drawer has n.. - ltiw guides glued to the bottom as shown above. Thes; : j- s^nd-wich a wider runr er - d :n the case and keep the . * =: centered as it slides in and

The drawer run1".;are rabbeted at both ends to fit mi; the web frame (detail 'a') A-.- finally, a notch at the back of the drawer allows it to fit over th - runner.

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