weekend project

Countertop Wine Rack 18

This simple plywood rack lets ycj srov, c~ . collection and keep it close at hard designer series project

Modular Wine Server 22

Start with a pair of basic boxe; a" :: . details to make this compact "r eKHffimw« E^'nr*^ heirloom project

Library Cabinet 32

With Its traditional details and looking cabinet will be a plea-_ - ": :.

details of craftsmanship Web Frames 50

Behind the scenes, these sir"Ert: :t at work keeping a chest oJ : . .

Library Cabinet page 32

editor's note


1 radition and technology. At first glance these two words sec rr I be opposites. But when you think about it, woodworking real! is a'combination of the best of technology and tradition.

Most woodworkers 1 know are always looking for new ways to get a job done quicker, safer, and more accurately. At the same time, to become better woodworkers we still need to understand traditional joinery methods and techniques.

In ibis issue we have a little of both. On the traditional side, we examine a tried-and-true sharpening method — oilstones. Although oilstones been around for years, they still have some advantages over more modem sharpening methods.

When it comes to new technology, there are a couple of examples in this issue. First, we take a look at after-market miter gauges. These handy accessories are one of the quickest ways to add precision and accuracy to your table saw. Then we turn to corner clamps. There are a couple of new clamp designs that make assembling frames and cases almost foolproof.

HHP WANTED. And speaking of new, we're looking for a new project designer. If you have an in-depth understanding of furniture design, woodworking and home-improvement skills and the ability to turn ideas into computer-generated shop drawings, I would like to hear from you. Send a resume detailing your experience tor HR, August Home Publishing, 2200 Grand Ave., Des Moines IA 50312. Or visit us online at www.AugustHonie.com.

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