Front Section View

NOTE: Shelves are made from plywood. Edging is 'A"-thick hardwood. Glass holder is f" thick hardwood

TWO SHELVES. The second option to consider is adding a shelf. But in order to do that, vou'il need to drill some holes in the case to hold the shelf support pins. I drilled three columns of holes to accommodate two shelf sizes. In the drawing above, you can see each shelf is nothing more thar a small plywood panel with some edging.

Finally, vou :an add a drawer, which is detailed below. [9

Now that the base is complete, all that remains is to outfit the inside of the cases. In addition to the wine bottle divider shown on page 20, the drawings on this page show you four other options — wineglass holders, two different shelves, and a drawer. Since the backs of the cases are only screwed on, it's easy to

. one option and switch to another down the road.

WINEGLASS HOLDERS. The wineglass holders are designed to cradle the base of the glasses, as in detail 'a' above. Making die holders is a simple table saw task. To find out how, ru-n to page 30. Pre-made holders are also available on page 49.

NOTE: Drawer front is thick hardwood. Sides, back, and drawer guides are W-thick stock. Drawer bottom is '¿t" plywood

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