Grossstabil Mult Ispanner

While the Bessey Angle Clamp tackles frame construction tasks with ease, it can fall a little short in case construction. The reason for that is the jaws aren't verv tall (about 1 - :. So when it comes to putting together larger plywood work-pieces, I'll turn to the Multi-Spanner clamp from Gross-Stabil you see in the photo at right.

BIG CLAMP. The first difference . ?u : n .tice from the Bessey ckmp - the size. The depth of the faces of the ' -Spanner are larger, almost 1 . ■:: This gives it a bigger -- - j surface for clamping up k projects. The faces are cast . r d epoxy coated to resist glue and finishes. Just like the other clamp mentioned, the faces of the Multi-Spanner allows it to hold the pieces in both corner joints andT-joints.

Another difference is the way that the workpieces are secured to the clamp. Instead of a single screw, the Multi-Spanner uses two opposing up and down on the screw, it can still pivot. The advantage of this can be seen in the middle photo on page 10. The pivoting action of both jaws enables you to clamp parts that aren't the same width.

FRONT JAW. The wedge-shaped front jaw, like die rear jaw. is plastic coated to keep glue from sticking to it. Hie front jaw slides a ng the screw and forces the man g i eces together and into the " faces on the fixed jaw — eve joints like you see in the It ~ on the opposite page.

Another thing 1 like abot " -clamp is its small size. It eas f -in a toolbox, so you can :-',..: have one close at hand.

The Multi-Spanner


Swivel ing damp lets you apply pressure r gh* where you need i screws. You can see these two screws in the photo above.

One screw threads through the body to hold a workplace up to 1 Vw" thick. On the other side of the clamp, the screw is mounted on a swiveling arm, as in the photo at left. With this feature, you can apply pressure directly in line with the joint. Or, vou can tilt the screw out of the way to provide access to the joint foi dm ing screws or nails.

Both - les :iave a pair of holes that allow you to position the clamp serein a high or low position. The benefit here is that you can adjust the screws depending on the size of the workpieces.

Finaih check out the box below for some other corner clamping options. And to find out where to get all thclamps shown here, turn to Sources on page 49. ES

With the Rockier Clamp-It Assembly Square and a pair of clamps you can quickly align and square up large plywood cases.

Clamp screws can be positioned in two locations

The let Jointing damp uses stainless steel spring-action leaves to hold mating parts together at 90° against rigid center block.

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Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

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