Vertical Slat

ting :lean crisp notches — like back ng up the workpiece with an auxiliary fence to prevent chipout.

- -. v s r good tip to help accurate re fe r? n ce the bottom of each sLa:is ::■ use the rip fence as a stop.

I know, you're not supposed to use the rip fence and the miter gauge :: the same time. But the cuts you make for each notch don't gr i .-.ay through the work-piece — so it's okay to do this.

DIVIDER ASSEMBLY. Once you have all the notches cut, you can asse — -ble the dividers and make a test fit in the case. After malring any "tweaks" for a smooth skiing fit, you can disassemble the dividers and set them aside until you're ready to apply a finish to them.

All that's left to do at this point to complete the wine rack is build the base and add the back that keeps the divider assanbh inptace.

CENTER VERTICAL SLATS NOTE: Slats are made from hardwood planed to fit notches

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