Stub Tenon and Groove. This strong joint is a quick way to make web frames. A tongue and dado joins the frame and case.

Full-width dado captures web frame —

Full-width dado captures web frame —

Dado Joints Furniture

Half Lap. For an even stronger web frame, try using a half lap. For bottom frames, a simple rabbet joint keeps the case square.

There's more to building traditional furniture than using top-notch wood, and finishes, like web frames and solid joinery. Its what's on the inside that counts. E5

A Closer Look: Adding Dust Panels ture. Like I mentioned above, dust panels aid with the assembly of web frames. But the biggest plus is that the panels separate the contents of one drawer from another. This lessens the chance of the drawer binding.

Another advantage applies mainly to desks. Dust panels can prevent someone from removing an upper drawer and accessing the contents of a locked, lower drawer.

Dust panel prevents dust from being drawn into case as drawer is opened

Dust panel prevents dust from being drawn into case as drawer is opened

Library Cabinet. This cabinet provides lots of storage in a small amount of space, it's packed v. :h -raditional details and features. Simple joinery makes ;t easy to build. You'll find detailed instructions on page 32.

looking inside

Final Details

Wine Server, k Any way you stack these plywood boxes, you're sure to come up with some stylish storage for your wine collection. Step-by-step plans start on page 22.

A Turn-Tiered Chest. Leave the bookshelf off of the library cabinet shown above and add a small shelf to create a classic-looking chest. Turn to page 41.

Materials, Supplies, & Cutting Diagram No. 157

Countertop Wine Rack

Case Side Panels (2) Case Top Panel (1) C Case Bottom Panel (1) D Side Panel Edging (4) E Case Top/Bottom Front Trim (2) F Case Sides Front Trim (2) G Top (1)

H Divider Front/Back Vertical Slats (6) t Divider Horizontal Slats (4)

Va" x 6!6" - 72" Cherry (3.3 Bd. Ft.)

3/a ply - 11 X 13s/í6 J % ply. - 11 x 16% K % ply. - 10^ x 16% L Va x3A- 11 M '/2 x 1 - 17% N !6x 1 - 13 9/i6 1 x 12%- 19% V 2 x 2 - 11 Va '/ix 4%-16

Divider Center Vertical Slats (3) Base Front/Back Aprons (2) Base Side Aprons (2) Base Panel (1) Back Panel (1) (6) #8 x 1V2" Fh Woodscrews (12) #6 x Fh Woodscrews

V2 x 4% -11% %x2- 18 % x 2 -12 % ply. - 11 x 17 ply. - 13%6x 17%

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