At this point, you have a so v ruit case to set on the chest, hov\ . - -lacking a few details. First, the . needs some simple trim to dress i t.: r and help tie the bookshelf above an.: the chcst below into a single, stylish piece of furniture. And finally, a couple of shelves will wrap things up.

THE TRIM. The first layer of trim you're going to add to the case should look pretty familiar As you can see at left, the same type of "cove" frame I used on the lower chest shows up on born the top and bottom of the bookshelf (detail 'a'). The repeat of this f " r e detail really helps to unity Ire two sections. And the bottom frame also serves to give the rockshelf a larger, more stable r • tr—

The two frames : z -d in the same way as before F ~ routed on pieces length. Then they're rri and glued and scrt ■ : (detail 'c') one piece : :

TOP TRIM. After ad; - e cove frames, I went a step - ~ ;t on the top of the case. As yc _ ;rr see in detail 'a/ when \. -econd molding on top or tr; : . e rrame, you create a classic c. — look.

Again, this tr:T> - - mply a molded frame, : trout the back filler. At the :er table I used a W round-ow bit to create the molded edtu ~ - -cundover when paired v. - . cove below will create one e: :r _ ~ore common traditional prr -

At this point ' 1. have the installation c ,. r rat. A look at details 'a' and 'c - . -ou what you need to know

SHELVES. Now all you need to do is make a couple of pi;.wood shelves to put this one "in the books." Here, I did things differently.

I thought it would look best if the fronts of the two adjustable shelves were flush with the face frame. This would match them up with the center shelf in the case.

Detail 'b' on page 40 shows how to do this. First, cut two plywood shelves to fit inside the case. Then cut a couple of wide edging pieces to fit between the stiles. Finally, just center the edging on the shelf when you glue it in place.

FINAL STEPS. The drawing at right shows how to complete tine project. Don't be tempted to simply rest the bookshelf on the chest. The two sections need to be solidly fastened together, so I installed screws between the two cases as shown in detail 'a.' And after applying stain and several coats of finish, you can move it into place and fill i: up. CS

To find details on how this optional design,

Two-Tiered Chest

If you're interested ri rratdng the lower chest of the two-piece bookshelf as a stand-alone piece, you might want to take a look at the option shown I- ^ rawing at right. With ust s :t e extra work you can add a stylish shelf to the top of the chest. Jse it for display in the living rocrr or as a nightstand in the bedroom. You won't need to change anything on the chest. The shelf is made separately and then fastened to the chest with screws. You' find all the details on our website.

To find details on how this optional design,


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