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depth, 1 spray on a few coats of a clear acrylic, like you see on the table base at right.

The clear coat does more than just protect the finish, it also makes it easy to control the final "gloss" of the paint. Whether you'd like a satin, semi-gloss, or gloss finish, you can find a spray version of an acrvlic clear coat to give the painted finish on your project just the right look. BS

To add depth and protection to a painted finish, apply a few coats of an acrylic clear coat.

vides a good build, so it only takes a few coats to provide a surface that's ready for heavy-duty use.

Besides the oil-based version, you can get a water-based, spray polyurethane. The water-based version dries fast and it won't yellow over time — something to consider on projects where you want to maintain a light, natural color.

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