alt about

Strong & Sturdy Shelving 8

tools of the trade

Corner Clamps 10

Assembling face frames, miters.: ■.;:: cases has never been easier".

techniques from our shop

Simple Repairs for Major Mistakes.. 12

common woodworking mis"-.::

jigs and fixtures

Miter Gauges 14

Replacing your table saw's miter its accuracy. We'll show you wha::: :: • -:

small shop solutions

Space-Saving Tool Stations 42

These unique workstations keep benchtop power tools organized and ready to go.

working with tools

Rediscovering Oilstones 44

Overlooked by many woodworkers, durable oilstones still deserve a place in your shop.

finishing room

Spray Finishes 46

Many of our favorite finishes are availab'e in spray cans. See what you need to keep cn ^and.

n the mailbox Q&A

hardware and supplies Sources

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