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For easy control of the workpiece \J} and accurate cuts, an auxiliary fence with an adjustable stop is a must. All the gauges had this feature included as part of the package.

A The fence on the Osborne EB-3 has everything you could want. It has a non-skid face, and a long extension that carries the stop.

Until you know how it ■■■.:r«.? the adjustable stop on the Rockier ioo^ s a tit .-•r;nge But this "slide under" design can k : -■■.'. -andy

TH£ FENCES. All the fences share some common features. Each is made from extruded aluminum. This keeps them lightweight but still ver. rigid. All the fences can be adjusted laterally along the miter gauge head. It's as easy as loosening a couple of knobs (the lncra has set screws) and sliding it into place.

A couple of the fences go beyond the basics. For example, the fences on the Osborne, lncra, and A ecu - Miter all have sliding extensions that give you extra capacity (left photo above). And Rockier includes a "sacrificial" MDF fence.

YOU NEED A STOP. An easy-to-use, adjustable stop attached to the fence makes duplicating cuts quick and accurate. All of the stops on The gauges use a pivoting mecha-nism that allows you to flip it into place when you need it and back up out of the way when you don't.

The Rockier in the right photo above has a "horn-shaped" stop that looks a little odd. This shape allows a workpiece to slide under the stop so that it doesn't have to be lifted out of the way

Several of the stops had features that stood out. The photo at right shows how the handy stop on the Accu-Miter can be fine tuned by turning a knob.

And finally, take a look at the Kreg fence and stop shown at far right. The rule on the fence can be used along with a mag

T Using the magnified cursor on the Kreg stop, you can make deao-on accurate cutO"'s. -

nified cursor on the stop to make dead-on cutoffs. It's a nice feature and works well.


All of the miter gauges shared one thing in common — once set up, the cuts I made we re perfectly accurate. You won't find fault with any of them on this score. But it was the little things that set several of the miter gauges a notch above.

If you want a miter gauge with all the bells and whistles, the lncra would be a good choice. But both the Kreg and the Woodhaven hit the nail on the head with their easy-to-use simplicity. Between the two, it's a toss-up and I'd gladly put either one to use i.n my shop. EES

■■. "Tweaking" the stop setting on The Accu-Miter is as simple as turning a knob.

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