Mail Order Sources

Similar project supplies may be ordered from the following companies:

Woodsmith Store 800-835-5084

Clamp-it Assembly Square, Crmwr ('lurry.-., Roehh'r Hardware, Miter Ganges, Rwder Bilí;

Rockier 800-279-4441

Clamp-i.I. Assembly Square, Drawn- Pulls, Miter Clamps, Shelf Supports, Slew Bumpers. Sure-Loc MiU'r Gauge, Wineglass Molding

Gross Stabil til 7-279-8040 ¡

Groan Stabil Multi-Spamier

Jesadii Tools 800-531-5559 footer Bits, Slot Cuiten

Lee Valley 800-871-8158

Arrn -Miter Miter Gauge

Rust-Oleum Brands


Finishes, SpmyGnH Grip

The Best Thrrtgs 800-884-1373 th el>e s tthi nfís. com

Tools for Working Wood

800-426-4613 u w>l sin r workingwood .com


Woodcraft 800-225-1153

Je* Joittt&ig Cia mp Bexsey Arrale Clamp

Woodhaven 800 344-6657 woodhaven. com

Deluxe Miter Gauge

.'.e j frames st ingthen case

Web frames d , ; case and supper. • - € weight of the c=

Behind the scenes, these simple frames are hard at work adding strength and durability to dressers and chests.

Web frames d , ; case and supper. • - € weight of the c=

details of craftsmanship

.'.e j frames st ingthen case

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