Miter Gauges

Great features on these top-notch accessories will have you thinking about an upgrade.

VIone than likely the miter gauge that came with your table saw leaves a lot to be desired. To begin with, the fit of the bar in the slot is probably a bit sloppy. The hard-to-read scale on the head goes hand-in-hand with a crude pointer that makes setting the angle a challenge. Pre-set angle stops? Only at 90° and 45". And you're lucky if those are accurate. Then, once you do manage to get the angle set, it may not hold this position during die cut. All these s rtcomingscanleadtoalotof frustration VVhoneedsit?

Well the fact is, that up until rertfntlv miter gauges weren't much rr Te tlian an afterthought for table saw manufacturers. But the good news is that it doesn't have to be this wav. Fortunately for us, some creative manufacturers came to the rescue. And now, you can pick up an after-market miter gauge that'll put \ our 'stock" gauge to shame.

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