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To download a materials list and cutting diagram for this buffet, go to:

Server to Buffet

The biggest advantage of the wine server is that the individual cases can easily be adapted to different configurations. That goes the same for its size.

The photo at right and the drawing below show a larger "buffet" version, besides adding four additional cases (how you arrange the inside is up to you), all you'll need to do Is make a few new parts. First, you'll need a new, longer hardwood top. Then make extended plywood base and a csir cr front and back rails. The dimensions for these are shown below. The end eg assemblies remain the same.

Like the server, the bu"^?: version uses V41' plywood plates to fa:"" of the cases in place (detai

Usrng a router table will give you tight, perfect-fitting joints

A caco often leaves rages on the bottom of the groove

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