Pullout Planer Shelf

If you don't have room for a rolling stand, like the flip-top unit above, but you still need an easy way to store tools like a heavy thickness planer, consider a pull-out shelf (drawing at left).

It allows you to store your planer 011 a shelf below your bench and it flip the top 180รป (drav. - ^ above). Locking knobs in each comer secure the top in place.

A set of four locking :\-:ers add the benefit of mobi 1 t\ r - hi s stand, making it even more ve -satile. This way you can place ;-. v here you need to when it's in use. When you're done, just rollit nexttoa wall so the stand is i : : of the way.

serves as a work surface since there's no need to transfer the planer to your benchtop.

The shelf is just a piece of plywood mounted on a pair of full-extension drawer slides. Make sure the slides will support the full weight of your planer. A frame with casters provides extra support.

Organize your bench top tools by storing two or three tools in the space below

Tool bases fit down into top

This work center, has lots of extra storage below. And it fits in a corner, a spot that's notorious for wasted space

Locking pin

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