Revolving Tool Station

One of the most useful, space-saving ideas I've ever used in my shop is the rotating tool stand in the drawing at right. It provides quick and easy access to a variety of bench top tools in a small amount of space. 1 managed to place four of my tools (a drill press, a sharpening station, a scroll saw, and a combination belt and d isk sander) that I use regularly on the top of the stand.

This tool stand has a "footprint" that only takes about nine square feet of space and it conveniently tucks into a corner. The stand may have a small footprint, but it combines a workcenter and a storage area that would normally use up much more room.

The heart of this station is a large circular platform that spin- r on top of several roller bearings, like a carousel (inset drawing). Mounting your tools to this platform provides quick access to each tool while keeping the others close at hand when you need them. Just spin the carousel to put the tool you need directly in front of you, then lock it in place.

There's another important benefit to thw revolving tool station. Besides the convenient tool access, there's also plenty of additional storage space. Directly under each tool is a dr uver for storing accessories and other items. And the base provides enough storage space tor a number of portable power rools. You could even use bearings, mounting them in a circular pattern on the case bot-upport a spinning shelf.

Organize your bench top tools by storing two or three tools in the space below

Tool bases fit down into top

This work center, has lots of extra storage below. And it fits in a corner, a spot that's notorious for wasted space

Locking pin

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