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4 Great ideas to Get the Most From Your Benchtop Tools

Frame with casters supports shelf bench? This pull-out shelf solves the problem of storing a benchtop planer

Many woodworkers wit)'» small shops buy bench-top tools for two good reasons — they're economical^ nd they don't take up much room. They require only a few square feet of space on the top of a workbench or cabinet. But what if you've furnished your shop with four or five benchtop tools? Then you're faced with finding an easy solulion for using your benchtop tools and storing them.

Sturdy pi/wood top prevents racking

F!ip-top stand allows use and storage of two too is in the space it v takes to store one

Pivot the top pi-T and tock it in platE to srnn w• - - -

access your too =

Locking caster

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