Ultimate Cuts In Veneered Plywood Melaime Chipboard And Solid Ws

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4 teeth per chipper for super smooth flat bottom dadoes.

When we listen to woodworkers, we understand what you mean -1- after all, we are woodworkers! You told us you needed a dado to cut plywood, solid wood, hardwood veneered plywood, lamlnatesand melamine chip-tree. You told us that It needed to cut precise slots and maintain accuracy. And it especially needed to accommodate today's undersized plywoods.

So we engineered a dado thai would not only meet your needs, but would surpass your expectations. First we started with our superior tri-mefel grazing to bond a special tooth design to an extra stiff blade body. You wanted dadoes with super smooth flat bottoms so we Included 4-wing chippers. You said you hate it when chips build up In the chippers, so we perfected a gullet which ejects the chips. And then we eliminated the hub on the outside blade so chips cannot build up between the blades. The Super Dado will cut all your materials chip-free with a dado so smooth, you'll hate to cover it up.

To make it even better, we added something no other dado manufacturer has...a sixth chipper that is ^jj'thick. That doubles the number of possible slot widths (from V" up to M/»n wide), and allows you to set Shim set included, the dadoto fit today's undersized plywoods. To make it even more flexible, we've included a set of precision steel shims tor fine adjustments. Here is a dado that matches the slot width flexibility of an adjustable dado while maintaining the safety and finish of a stacked dado system. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

And speaking of safety, we used the same anti-kickback technology associated with our saw blades and router bits. It's the frJ ^ __anti-kickback shoulder design that re-

7 rl I duces the chance of kickback from over- I

f[ L/ / C/ / feeding. This higher level of safety lets

I I I I Ai . I you dado with confidence. | 'mmmmm. I BKBi» |

We also packaged all this in a

Precisely what yon need, sturdy carrying case. Once70U use this Exclusive 3 3r Chipper lets you periec.ly ad,us,,he

High Point, NC 27264 • 800-472-7307 new dad0' V00 11 a9ree that ,f real,Y IS a width of the cut for today s undersized plywood.

Super Dado.

cwcxe no 6i on p«couct ur ooua-cn torm





2932" MAX CUT

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