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Strut your stuff in one of our top-quality, pre-shrunk 100% cotton shirts. The Tee shirts (long or short sleeve) feature the American Woodworker logo silk screened in zingy "neon" red. The Polo shirt sports the AW logo embroidered in gold.

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Short-Sleeve Tee: $12.95 □ M OL 3 XL □ Navy □ Black

Long-Sleeve Tee: $14.95 3 Navy

Polo Shirt:

3 Black_

Available in Navy Only_

(Pnccs includc shipping and handling.)

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mail, clip AddlT5S form & mail wi,h check c"y— or money State — order. Phone _

American Woodworker Shirts • P.O. Box 747 • Emmaus,PA 18049 (Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.)

Excellence Award Finalists

Our third annual Excellcnce in Craftsmanship Awards packed the AW mailbox with an unprecedented number of entries. In addition to the winners (see pages 48-51), there were numerous examples of excep photo by iawce patterson tional craftsmanship and ingenuity. Here's a look at some of the finalists in all three categories—amateur, student and professional. For details on how to enter our 1995 contest, see page 70.

Sheraton work table by Judith P. Hanson, Boston, MA. Student. Mahogany, bird's-eye maple, cocobolo, poplar. 18 VV. X 17 D. X 27]/2 H.

Wood Bending

photo 8y mmcs «aro*

Captain's desk by Daniel Paris, Auburn, WA. Amateur. Pau ferro, maple, ebony, leather. 32 W. X 24 D. X 37 H.

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