John Ecuycr

Red Beech Offering \*sscl, 2002

Tinned wd beech burl.

oxiilizeil co|>per .uni silver

Phoio In the ait ht

Kip Chrislent«n and Graemt Priddl«

Tuesday Morning, 2003

Figured jx>plir .nul African blaikwcxxJ. tun|uoiM.-

Photo by Don Djkw

Robert Monhol

Cusp. 2002

■Hirn«! an<l sculpted banksia with natural edge

Photo l>> Hums Photographies

172 M lepn >n, 3aiumneHHbW

"Most of my lifo hos been spent in rural Australia where the land is both harsh and sensuous, stripped bare but geoe* life. The forms of die natural world, such as the lips of opening seed pods and the O

rounded smoothness of srones and shells sculpted by the sea. have ^

become a source of inspiration for the forms I create." —G.V. q

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