Alfred Sils

Sleepy Hollow. 2002

8*h x GVTdiam (20 x 17 cm) Buckew buri with textured rim; inlaid fuved silver and gold PIkKo by Bernard WW I Collection ol Dt and Mrs. Seymour Levin

Bobby Phillips Woodturner

Bobby E. Phillips

Untitled. 2002

7VTh X 17^'diam (19 x 44 cm) Sjwltwl maple, siwlinij silver chain

Photo by the artLM

Bobby Phillips Woodturner

o cd

Mollktw Hill

Untitled. 2003

3V«"h x 6VüV x 61'4'd (10 x 16 x 16 cm) Mahogany rru pie. and ebony Photo by David Htm Collection of Kathryii lícrryman

Dewey Gorrell

7*h x M"dum (18 x 35 cm) TUmed segmcnted-and-asscmblcd oak PtxHo by the artist

'I've alwo/s enjoyed afdi'teciure cod the element» and motifs that make buildings interesting to view, For this teoson. I wonted to devgn a bowl that incofpoiated some ol the familiar features of classical buildings—such as columns, elevations, and decorations I was drawn by memories of a long-ego visit to Rome ard the Colisoum. I romembeicd the enotmlty of the shucture. the reminders d tta gruesome spectocies of combat, ana. curioujJy. tho over present cats I designed this piece to teftact numerous ardi.teciytal elements, including a contro l bowl reminiscent of the huge amphitheater As I mode the piece, I tealized an additional feature—the bawl can be inverted to make a dome." —DG

Router Dome Jig

Maiepwan, 3amnmeHHwfi aBTopcKUM npaBOM

Tinned ami caned liigleal maple burf; burned

Photo by lona S FJIiiott

GO g

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