Wood Working Illusion Bowls Tools

Irling S. Smith

Bowl »0296. 1996

7"hx 10'diam( 18x25 cm) Maple, walnut.and wenge flioto by Rick DcRoxr

Maiepnan, 3aiunmeHHbifi aBTopcKUM npaBOM

Lincoln Scitznaii

Seu-mg Basket Illusion. 19iM

Thx 13'diom (18x33 cm) Ibrncd and assembled cheny wenge. and chechen: steam-bent hoops Photo l>y Jeff Manin Studios Collection ol Dr Neil Ka>v

"The constructor of rhis piece required ten $eporo«e mountings on rhe ¡olHe THo msido has rhe same design as the outside." —l.S.

MaTepnari, aawHuieMHbifl aeropcKUM npat oo

f If

s jr


Soro Ecff

Untitled. 1986

5'hx MMiam (13x35 an) Turned sweet gum PIhjTo by Randy Batbta

Frank Anlge

Large Flower Form. 1998

Carved silver maple

Photo try DeFbrd-fVarson PhoTography

Bowl. 1996

Turned and cantil locus! hurl.vindhlasti'd and bleached Photo by Kotjoi Schreiber

Maîepuan, 3aiuniijeHHbifi aBTopcKUM npaBOM

Still Dancing, First View, 2000

51-2-lt X 9V2V X 9l*j'd (II x 21 X 21 cm) Turned and «.a.r\e<l pink t\t>ry Plioto by Hap Sakwa

MaTepnan, 3awnweHHbiü asropcKWM npaBOM

Andrew P. Dunn hjrcupme Quill fruit Howl. 2003

South African pine.ebonized;

inlaid porcupine quill

Photo by Rob Duker Studio

David Nittaoin

Net. 2002

David Nittaoin

Net. 2002

Photo by Bcnko Photographies

'Thij piece WQ5 .njpired by Q >?pgne*e fishing net with Roots." —D.N.

Matepnan, 3awwmeHHbiii aeropcKUM npaBOM

"I become interested in the plight of sea turtles ahet reodrng an ortido about them ¡^

Mankind, pollution, fishing, and so forth Q

|as well as their natural predators) have o all hod an impact on their lives. Oul of a thouscnd hatchlings. on!/ one of -"*

those little guys makes it to adulthood I q

I was shocked by that fad In this piece, ^

we'te paying homage to an animal that has lived millions of years and is now threatened to a great degree by man's lifestyle. I asked Journel Thomas to turn a bowl d this particular shape, and I pbced it on my taku p>ece inspired by an ancier.t

Petston ceremonial stand " —G C.

Gary Clontz and Journel Thomas

Ceremonial Offering Stand (Hatchlings). 2002

18"hx 1-Tdiam (46x35 cm) Green-turned maple:thrown.cut.and altered clay hase.sienriled. gla2ed.and rako-fin-d Photo by Robert Gibson s

2 cd

2 cd

H>at Clark

Untitled. 2000

2l"h x I7'w x 1 lHd (53 x 43 x 2» cm) Caned Osage orange Photo by Can- Ueathcrty

Clay Foster

Tempi*' Rout 2001

5Thx 17"diam( 132 x 43 cm)

Kim and sycamore: stucco and brass win-

Photo by the artist

Maiepnan, 3auiuiueHHbii/i aBtopcKUM npaBOM

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