Virginia Dotson

Silver Lining Senes «5. 19%

ll"hx MiVdiam (28 x 38 cm)

rail marfiin plywood. anilinc^hrd and painted with acrylic Photo l>y AI Abratm

Robert Jones

Exposed. 2003

1\jni«l and carved lace rfieoak, (tanlied black.

inlaid white opab

Photo by Tony Carroll

'This pccc oxposcd both the boouty hidden in the tree ond the beauty of the opals hidden in the earth " —R.J

MaTepnan, 3amnuiehHbitt astopcKUM npaBOM

Tequila Sunrise. 2001

While ash burl Q

Photo by Dermot Geary Q

Tequila Sunrise. 2001

While ash burl Q

Photo by Dermot Geary Q

Harvey Fein

Harvey Fein

Open Rimmed Key Series. So. 4. 2002

2' h x 5Wdiam (5 x 14 cm) Turned |>aduak burl; embellished Photo by David fVlers

Gailio Morcolongo

Untitled. 2003


Ptioto by Allan Boon

"Observation of things around us is the key to originality in art forms, whether one is turning wood or creo?ing sculptures This piece evolved from observing a flying squirrel with outstie*:hed legs " —G.M.

Matepnan, 3auiMiueHHbii7i aBropc<nM npaooM

Ktllb P. Tompkins

Leap oí Faith. 2003

Photo by Charles E. Carlson

S.ion Link

Untitled. 2002

7*h x 5'diam (18 x 13 cm) Tbrned chenr)' and caned basnwood Photo by Bob Gibson

Ma^ Jm


Michael J. Brolly

Frog Howl 2. 1991

4'h x 4"w x 8*d (10 x 10 x 20 cm) Turned and carved mahogany maple, buhiriga, and ebony Photo by the artist Collection of Imng Lipton

Maiepnan, 3auiMiueHHbii7i aBtopcKUM npaBOM

M : I pu : H' 1 111 I • M hl / up • /M ¡ I i 121


Black Walnut Burl

Hugh McKay

Metutdah. 2003

12"li x I6*diam (30x41 cm) Hirned and carved black walnut burl Photo by the artist Collection ol Robert Bohlen

'When :^eat rg my work. I simpiy thin«, in terms of •oct I'-.cics no verbal process I go through. I bring together -,irrp'.> forms in a way that I think is unusuo! jnd allows viewers to fill in their own details. I don't have a hidden meaning, so I make up words for •I • • ci I start with the vessel so that people can ee sorr^ that was once functional made into something nonfunctional * —H M.

Hagh McKay

Suash. 2002

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