Antique Ash Wooden Bowls

"Hie wood bowl is an objcct that has been utilized for centuries by diverse cultures. As part of our everyday is so familiar to us that it can easily tie taken for granted Yet. for contemporary artists who work in wood, the bowl represents a form with tremendous potential, from revealing the beaut)- of nature to sliming an artistic vision or conccpt.

Over the last few decades, the wood bowl has been reinvented as an artistic medium and is today approached by artists and craftspeople all over «lie world as both iconic form and point of departure for self-expression.

Many of the bowls in this book are related to the woodturning movement that grew out of a number of pioneenng artists working in different regions, ¡aspired by wide-ranging approaches.They include a member of the Chicago Bauhaus, James Prestlnl.who has been credited with the birth of this new art form; Bob Stocksdale, who retired the turned wood bowl in bus Northern California workshop over five decades; Mel Lindquist.who was creating hollow vessels on the East Coast; and Rude Osolnik, who lived on a mountaintop in Kentucky and took a folk-craft approach to the vessel.

While these artists had no intention of pioneering a new art form, they experimented with new approaches and created work that came to influence many wood artists who followed.The most important of these. Mark Lindquist. David Ellsworth, and William Hunter, took it all to the next

Bob Stocksdale Bowl


Bob StocksdoU

Untitled. 1981

Photo by M Leo Fathcrrce Collection of Forrest L Menill



Antique Wooden BowlsSand Ceremony Vessel With Reclaimed Wood

Dovid Ellsworth

Karat/. 1991

level, creating now standards and pushing the cralt into the realm of art. Over the las* two decades, a number of artists became part of this new movement,contributing more ideas and pushing the f ield ahead.

Of course.the work in this book represents a wide range of technical approaches, from chisel to chainsaw and router to handsaw Some artists carve on the surface of their vessels or utilize paint and mixed media approaches, while many accept what nature has offered and simply sand and seal the wood

Along with the potential to create thinner, more complex forms, technical breakthroughs haw allowed wood artists to create vessels. Since wood can't be used to hold liquid,these forms made little sense as vasej.Yet these new forms expanded the language, just as lids offered the potential of container forms.While being expanded upon in relation to utilitarian forms, the wood bowl also came to Ik* abstracted and deconstructed, offering an excellent point of departure for sculptural pursuits.

It is no surprise that the wood bowl has come to serve as a means of self-expression for artists internationally Historically, wood IxjwLs and vessels have l>een used for their decorative (xrtential in the Western world and for ceremonial purposes in the East and in indigenous societies. Due to

Dovid Ellsworth

Karat/. 1991

White ash with pigment

Photo by the artist technical and aesthetic breakthroughs,todays forms offer bold and origi-nal approaches.They echo their rich history present contemporary visions, ^ and carry the voice of nature itself q 500 Wood Bowk presents an international array of work created for both

O utilitarian purposes and artist exploration,featuring artists crucial to the development of the contemporary approach and the best of a new genera-O tion of artists who continue to explore it.Tlie work in this lx>ok is. indeed, vn the stale of the art.

—Roy l»i«r and Jon Potert rj d(* Mono Gallery, la» Anyr'tn. California, and Kevin Wallace «ldcpcodenr cu'afor and wri** in rve fo^d of ccnterrpcfary craft art x 7"w x 6"d (II x IKx 15 cm) Kim burl

Photo by David ft-ters Collection of Forres L Memll

Antique Wooden Bowls

Jomts Prcstini

Untitled, circa 1945

IVfh x JiWdiam (4x14 cm) Wood fhiKo by M Lw? Ruherrve Collection of Forrest L Momll

Rede Oiolnlk

Untitled. 1994

Photo by David ft-ters Collection of Forres L Memll

Mark Undqvist

Amiron Krater. 1980


Photo by Robert AiKte Collect Ion of Robert Roth

Forres 1980

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