3*h x 13"diam (8 x 33 cm) CcHisinictcd mahogany with d>vd anigre veneer Photo b>' Tim Barnwell oo g o


Hackberry Hand Carved Bowl

Christopher Green

Hackberry Bowl. 2001

Christopher Green

Hackberry Bowl. 2001

Wh X 9*diam (12 x 23 cm) Spalied hackbeny Photo by the artist

Wendy Wilion

7"hx8M¡am( 18x20 cm) Carved cherry ebonlzed Ptioto t>y Je If Bairtt

MaTepnari, sawHuieMHbifl aeropcKUM npasoM

Mollhew Hill

Untitled, 2001

Mahogany, Australian lacewood.and rtxxiy

Photo by David Reters

T3 S

09 OD


Hackberry Hand Carved BowlWood Turned Red Morrel Bowls

Stephen Hatcher

ImIv Autumn. Early Winter. 2003

Stephen Hatcher

ImIv Autumn. Early Winter. 2003

3*h x 18'diam (8 x 16 cm) Turned iiddleback bigleai maple: inlaid green.red.and honey calcite. black mica, gold leal white dolomite, and blue azurite dust Photo by the artist

Cherry Hand Carved Bowls

Thomas Raoschke and Kaoren Wike»

Canyon Ruins. 1999

Il*h x 7*diam (28 x 18cm) Ihrned and hand-carved red oak; inlaid Willi cotton embroidery Photo by William Lemke

'Canyon Rums is o prime oxomplo of o piece that has a mystery and a stoty In it, you aro exploring tho canyon londs of the Southwest, and you come upon the tuins of an ancient pueblo. The pattorn of the ctumWing stone walls con still be seen, and there is o cache of pottery and baskets, as well as petroglyphs on die conyon wo'ls. Though the ruins seem deserted, they ore inhabited with numerous birds, lizards, and mammals carved into the scene In the vety center is the kiva with a carvod ladder going down ¡nto the chamber Yoa can just glimpse inside where tho anciont ceremonies took place, and you can almost still heat the chanting arid smell tho smoke. b'$ like having your own atcheobgxai zone, and you can go exploring rhero anytime * —T R and K W

Routed Wood BowlsRouted Wood Bowls


Routed Wood Bowls

Yoov S. liber man

Stale at the Union. 2003

TUrncd m.ipli-

Piloto l»y the artist

Routed Wood Bowls

David Lory

Yellow Birch Burl Bowl. 2001

3*hx I3'diam (8x33 cm) Yellow birch txirl Photo by Larr>' Sanders

Scroll Saw Bowls

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