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Freak Clarke

Untitled, 2002

3*h X 9"diam (8 x 23 cm) Jarrah burl; inlaid powdered t>r.»\s Photo In- Dominick Walsh

Maîepuan, 3aiuniijeHHbifi aBTopcKHM npaBOM

Jim McPhcil

No. 28. 2003. 2tttt iVR'h x Urdiam (5x II cm) Imbuia and buckeye burl vrilh black casielo, ben in (African mahogany).and hard maple vent-crs Photo by Tun Barnwell

Brian Daaabat

8'hx ll'diani (20x35 cm) Striped ash Photo by Jim King. Royal Images

Collection of Maria Bobowlck

MaTepnan, 3awwuieHHbiia aBTopcxMM npawir-

Mork Salisbury

Rural Religion. 1996

4l2"h * KTdUm (11 x 25 cm) Figured bigleaf maple; oxidized barbed wia* Photo l>y the artist

Ruth Mae

Roped Boul 2003

2Vyit x 8lrdiam (6 x 22 cm) l)imc<l Scottish oak. eboniwd Photo by David Samuels

Maiepwan, 3auiwueHHbiM aBTopcKWM npasow

Michael Lee and Hans Weissflog

Rocking Pod Bowl, 2003

5"h x 6"w x 5V2'd (13 x 15 x 14 cm) Cocobolo and rosewood Photo by Hugo DeVries

Maiepnan. 3ammueHHbiü aBTopcKUM npaâH

Timothy Frontil

Double-Handled Bou !. 2001

Turn«l Osage orange Photo t»y the artist

Maîepwan, 3aiuwuieHHbitt aBTopocuM npaBOM

'Generally, my designs ore predicated on the size and gra n d the raw wood My style is to create a simple statement without a lo* of ftills * —C.E

Col Elshoff

Untitled. 2002

Turned laminated beam ( lor home construction) and Douglas fii Photo by the artist

Eti Moolthrop

Untitled, circa 1980

I'h x 8W2"diam (10x22 cm) Sugaitoerry

Photo by M. Lee Fatherrce Collection of Forrest L Merrill

Eti Moolthrop

Untitled, circa 1980

I'h x 8W2"diam (10x22 cm) Sugaitoerry

Photo by M. Lee Fatherrce Collection of Forrest L Merrill

Derrick A. Te Poske

Heavy Cherry Bowl #/. 2001

6 "h x 10'diam (15 x 25 cm) Ibrned black cheny. wood burned Photo by the artist

Matepnan. 3amumeHHbiii aBTopcKMM npasoM

Philip Moulthrop

Untitled. 2002

6V2"h X 13^'diam ( 17 x 35 cm) Ash leaf maple Photo by David ftrtcrs

Maiepuan, 3ainmneHHbiü aBTopcKUM npaßfl§5

William Smith

Fourth <4 July. 2003

Segmented holly purplcheart. and pau amart-llo Photo by the artist

MaTepnan, 3awwuieHHbitt sbtopckmm npaBOM

Bill Abendroth

Bumblebee. 2003

Yellowheart and wenge

Photo by the artist

Maiepuan, 3amnineHHbiii aBTopcKUM np

Michael J. Brolly

Spider Bou t 2 11Ö0

irh x MV x I6"d (I» x 35 x 11 cm) TU med hent-lamlnaled maple and cherry Photo by th«- artist

MaTepnan, 3aiunweHHWM aBTopcKUM npaBOM

Ron Layport

Ron Layport

Sote/i Nest. 2002

'In the Hopl languoge. so'wi means (ockrabbit.* —R l.

Ron Layport

Sote/i Nest. 2002

TWrned and carved cttrny.<hvd and iwtlnied

Photo by Chuck Führer

Col led km oí David and Nancy Tra utenbcig

'In the Hopl languoge. so'wi means (ockrabbit.* —R l.

Mark Nutx

The Darkling. 2002

Turned and constructed ebony;silver and 1-tk gold

Photo by the artist

Maiepnan, 3amniijeHHbifi aoTopc<nM npaBOM

Stephen Mark Poulsen

Ebony and Blackux>od Bowl. 2003

3Wh x 3V-t"diam (8x8 cm) Turned, machined, and fabricated ebony and blackwood Photo by I lap Sakwa

MaTepnan, 3amnmeHHbiii aBTopcKUM npawÎii o

Phil Brown

Spoiled Holly Vessel. 1999

3V4"h x 9"diam (8 x 23 cm) Spaited holly Photo by the artist

"Working with bulls is like blocking open o geodc ond discovering hidden treasure. The natural exterior of the burl is rough, but my turned work creates a surface ?hat is ¡¡ke a polished gemsfone The gilding (gold leaf) accentuates the natural textu'e of the wood. Gilding the inside of the piece creCes a glow where you would least expect it" —C D

Cindy Droido

Jarrah Hi mi I and Hlacku ymhI IJdded Bout. 2003

Turned jarrah hurt and African blackwood:23k gold leal Photo by Tim Benko

MaTepnan, 3awwweHHbiii aBTopc*nM npai 365

Steve Sinner

Untitled. 2002

11 V6"h x 8 "diam (28 x 20 cm) Pierced oak Photo by Steve Sullivan Collection of Janet and Van Korell

Maiepnan. 3ainMmeHHbii/i aBTopcKMM npaBOM

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