15*h x 14'diam (38 x 35 cm) Hirned and carved maple bu rl Photo by the artist Collection ol Robert Bohlen

15*h x 14'diam (38 x 35 cm) Hirned and carved maple bu rl Photo by the artist Collection ol Robert Bohlen

T3 S

u ta



Joey -Golibrath

Looking for Orion, 2002

ITh x 16'dUun (30x41 cm) Mahogany an<l zirkote. sterling silver Photo !*>• the artist

The piece, looking (or Orion, deals loosely with my experiences growing up m the South, where dramafcc evening stars and daddy Icnglegs v,ere common coupl ngs on summer nights . Th.s pece s about the nostalgia I Have for lying in the grass, in a f.eld full of insects and critters, trying to identify familiar constefialons Reminiscent ol these experiences, I mode the inserior of the bowl a skyscape and attached small daddy longleg spiders to both the interior and exterior of the vessel " —J G

O O vrj

Stephen Gleosner


l3Wh X ttVdbkm (33 x 22 cm) "F\ini«l birch plywood and inapte. d>vd Photo by Bill Gleasner


Jocqae* Vciery «ad Michael Lee

Mai "Búa Uoona. O Mahl Umt tFrom Tun Seas, oí One Shy). 2003

3*h x 3Vï"w x 6*d (8 x 9 x 15 cm) Carved cherry; acrylic, 23k gold lad

PIkXo b>' Rolx-it Diamante rh x G'diam (16 x 15 cm) Ash. acrylic inky gold Photo by the artist

Francis Merrin

Night Sky Bou t <M, 2003

rh x G'diam (16 x 15 cm) Ash. acrylic inky gold Photo by the artist

Motthiw Bestick

Embryo Bowl. 201)2

Photo by Pierre Montagne*

Maîepuan, 3aiuniijeHHbifi aBTopcKHM npaBOM

'Almosi os soon as I began experiment) ng with carving and painting rr.y bowls, I wanted to try something more elaborate than my firs« atiempts. The image oi Moses patting the waters of the Red Sea hod always lasccna'-ed me. Imagine having a wall oi wa*er on e.ther side o( youl I warned to capfure that power in Porting Wbteu * —I.I.

lion laromitre

Parting Wafers. 2003

7*h x 7"diam (18 x 18 cm) Curly maple.painted with acrylic Photo by Grant Kcnian

Haas WaissHog

Rocking Bou I. 1999

X 6VTw x 4VTd (9x17x11 cm) Turned Asian ebony Oio(«> t>y lite artbl

Marepuan, aawHuieMHbifl aeropcKUM npasoM

"I woodbumed the words of a poem onto all the grooves on the insido bottom of the bowl Tho poem reads as follows:

a baby ctys and a bird smgs and the gears turn and a radle > :« l.s and 'lie light dims and the stcrs shine and the wing takes flight and strong niyht winds blow ond tf • ■ baby coir ■. and 'I • • world turns ard -r • ph'^'i fty around nv. she- .ur n o m.l«. v.a, and the branch sways as tho air stills ond child sleeps and ri:ght wakes and the t<des changed ond grass gre* and water flowed ond the seas swelled and life goes on and that spiral whcis and seasons spend and the sky bends and the heart mends and tho circle is unbroken ond the feathers give way ond the night now can take its flight ■i : •• - si t • •■ K": 'I - v . . ;• unrj h* ■■;•<' • -; and the crodle rocks and the baby wakes ard the brd sing- ond ' song is the same ard rockabye my song b rd'

Jacques Ves-ery and Hans Weissllog

Roc/Htbye Song Bird. 2003

3"h x 7"dlam (8 x 18 cm) Carved sycamore,acrylic Photo by Robert Diamante

132 Maîepuan. 3auinmeHHbivi aBTopcKWM npasoM

Bob Nichols

Untitled. 1907

Turned janah

Photo t>> Dirk Wittenberg

And! Wolf*

Calla Lily Bowl. 2003

5irhx63rdiam(Mx 18 cm)

Ambmsia maple with pyroflraphy, acrylic paints Photo by the artist Collection ot Jan Home and Art LiejJman

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