Mesa, 1999

1"hx 14*diam( 10x35 cm)

Segmented quilted maple with mahogany trim Photo Ity Grant Ftaeison Collection olThe Newark Museum; Newark. NJ

Ihi- p;. b gar with a unique piece ol wood that I found. I responded by developing a form to showcase it." —S.l

¡Hi • r . • "r.. ••:.['• • .•?■• | 61

Jon Sonmls

Fa nom. 2002

14'hx I4'díam (35 x 35 cm) Australian grass inn- root Photo by Don Eaton Collection of Thomas Puglicse

Matepuan, 3awnweHHbi¿í aBTopcKMM npaBOM

Kip Christus»

Whiled Sepukher Series 09. 2002

ce o

Kip Christus»

Whiled Sepukher Series 09. 2002

8VThx8Vrdiam (22 x 22 cm)

Box ekler burl

Photo I»)' Photocraft

Collection of ('fins and Debbie Hansen tO

Mirryll Soylon flanets, 2000

5hx 19'wx l«.rd (14x48x48 cm) Turned western figure maple; bleached Photo by I lap Sokwa

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