Final Assembly

At this point, the wardrobe is about complete. All that's left are some odds and ends.

knobs & catches. The first thing I did was to attach the cherry knobs to the doors, see Fig. 20a. Since these doors are fairly large, I also installed bullet catches at the top and bottom of the doors, see Fig. 20b. These catches aren't difficult to install, but they must be set at exactly the right depth. For more on this see page 28.

closet pole. Next, I hung the closet pole (W) inside the wardrobe. This pole is a lW-dia. fir dowel. To hold it in place, I made a couple "U"-shaped pole brackets (X) with chamfered edges, see Fig. 20c. They're simply screwed to the insides of the case, and the pole rests inside them.

case backs. The last step is to add the upper and lower backs (Y, Z). These are W'-thick cherry plywood panels cut to fit the rabbets in the back posts and are simply screwed in place, see Fig. 20d.

finish. Finishing a project this size is a big job. So I used General Finishes' Royal Finish, a wipe-on varnish. To apply the finish to the large areas quickly, I found that a common paint pad works well. □


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