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Publisher Donald B. Peschke Editor Terry J. Strohman Associate Editors Jon Garbison Mark Williams Art Director Todd Lambirth Senior Illustrators David Kreyling

Cinda Shambaugh Dirk Ver Steeg Illustrator Erich Lage creative resources

Creative Director: Ted Kralicek •Executive Editor: Douglas L. Hicks •Assistant Editor: Vincent S. Ancona •Project Design Dir.: Ken Munkel »Sr. Project Designer: Kent Welsh • Shop Manager: Steve Curtis • Shop Craftsman: Steve Johnson • Sr. Photographer: Crayola England •Electronic Publishing: Douglas M. Lidster • Electronic Comunication Coordinator: Gordon C. Gaippe • Associate Graphic Design Dir.: Susie Ryder • Sr. Graphic Designer: Chris Glowacki »Graphic Designer: Cheryl L. Cynor circulation

Circulation Director: Susan Du Bois • Assistant Circulation Director: Troy J. Dowell • Subscription Managers: Sandy Baum, Paige Rogers • Assistant Subscription Manager: Julie Greenlee • Newsstand Mgr: Kent A Buckton corporate services

Vice President, Planning and Finance: Jon Macarthy •Controller: Robin Hutchinson *Sr. Account.: Laura Thomas • Bookkeeping: Holly Lucas • Production Dir.: George Chmielarz • Production Mgr.: Carol Quijano • Pro. Dev. Dir.: Joyce Moore • Network Administrator: Nick Thielen • Admin. Assistants: Cheryl A. Scott, Julia Fish • Receptionist: Jeanne Johnson • Building Maintenance: Ken Griffith woodsm1th mail order

Operations Director.- Bob Baker • Art Dir.: Cindy Scarpino • Materials Mgr.: Mark Mattiussi • Customer service Mgr.: Jennie Enos • Warehouse Supervisor: Nancy Johnson • Buyer: Linda Jones • System Operator: Tammy Aldini • Team Leader: Karla Cronin

• Tech. Supp: Dave Stone • Customer Service Reps.: Jennifer Murphy, Joy Krause, Sara Kono, Anna Cox, Adam Best, Kristi Andrews, Margo Petrus • Warehouse: Gloria Sheehan, Chuck Carlson, Sylvia Carey, Larry Prine, Scott Gilliam, Cathy Steiner woodsmith store

Manager: Dave Larson •Assistant Manager: Paul Schneider*Sa/es Staff: Wendell Stone, Pat Lowery

• Office Manager: Vicki Edwards

Woodsmith® (ISSN 0164-4114) is published bimonthly (Feb., Apr., June, Aug., Oct., Dec.) by August Home Corp., 2200 Grand, Des Moines, IA 50312. Woodsmith® is a registered trademark of August Home Corp. Copyright® 1995 August Home Corporation. All rights reserved. Subscriptions: Single copy: $3.95. One year subscription (6 issues), $19.95. Two years (12 issues), $35.95. (Canada/Foreign add $5 per year, U.S. funds.)

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Over the years, I've found that many of the problems that crop up with woodworking projects can be solved with simple solutions. Take the projects in this issue for example.

I wanted the wardrobe to look as good on the inside as it did on the outside and still remain affordable. Instead of using solid cherry or expensive 3/4"-thick plywood, the solution was simple. Just sandwich two thin pieces of plywood back-to-back in the case and door frames.

With the cutting board on page 18, the problem was keeping the ends from splitting when cleaning it in water. Here, a dovetail-shaped key "locks" the pieces together to keep the joints from opening.

And who hasn't had to pick through a pile of hardware dumped out of a can trying to find just the right screw? We came up with a couple of quick solutions. Check out one of the hardware organizers featured on page 22.

new faces. While we've been busy putting out this issue, we've also been busy adding some new faces around here.

First of all, Todd Lambirth joined us as Art Director for Woodsmith. One of Todd's main responsibilities is to gather information from Illustrators, Editors, and Designers. Then he has to decide how to present all this information visually in the best possible way.

Then, Susan Du Bois came on board as our new Circulation Director. Susan is in charge getting new subscribers and keeping the old ones happy.

Next, Vince Ancona and Susie Rider joined our extended family. Vince is an Assistant Editor, and Susie is an Associate Graphic Design Director, and both work in the Creative Resources department.

Creative Resources is made up of a lot of talented people and their job is to support the magazines produced by August Home Publishing. (This includes; Woodsmith, ShopNotes, and Garden Gate.)

Finally, we've added three people to our Mail Order department. Margo Petrus is our new Customer Service Representative. And Scott Gilliam and Cathy Steiner have joined the Warehouse Staff.


1. Publication Title: Woodsmith. 2. Publication No.: 01644114. 3. Filing Date: September 6, 1995. 4. Issue Frequency: Bimonthly. 5. No. of issues published annually: 6 (six). 6. Annual subscription price: $19.95. 7. Complete mailing address of known office of publication: 2200 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, (Polk County), Iowa 50312-5306. 8. Complete mailing address of the headquarters or general business office of the publisher: 2200 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50312-5306. 9. Full names and complete mailing address of publisher, editor, and managing editor: Publisher: Donald B. Peschke, 2200 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50312: Editor: Terry J. Strohman, 2200 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50312.10. Owner: August Home Corporation, 2200 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50312; Donald B. Peschke, 2200 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50312.11. Known bondholders, mortgagees, and other security holders owning 1 percent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages or other securities: None. 12. (Does not apply.) 13. Publication Name: Woodsmith. 14. Issue Date for Circulation Data Below: August 1995.15. Extent and nature of circulation:

Average no. copies Actual no. copies each issue during of single issue preceding 12 published near-

months est to filing date

A Total no. copies printed (net press run) 446,248 435,937

B. Paid and/or requested circulation:

1. Sales through dealers, street vendors and counter sales 30,360 60,283

2. Mail subscriptions (paid and/or requested) 358,541 352,276

C. Total paid and/or requested circulation 388,901 412,559

D. Free distribution by mail (samples.

complimentary, and other free copies) 105 103

E. Free distribution outside the mail (carriers or other means) 0 0

F. Total free distribution 105 103

G. Total distribution 389,006 412,662

H. Copies not distributed

1. Office use, left over, unaccounted, spoiled after printing 16,121 9,629

2. Returns from news agents 41,121 13,646

I. Total 446,248 435,937

Percentage paid and/or requested circulation 99.97% 99.98%

16. This statement of ownership will be printed in No. 102, the December, 1995 issue of this publication.

17.1 certify that the statements made by me above are correct and complete, (signed) Donald B. Peschke, Publisher



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