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BUILDING THE CAMNET - (VW 181) DM fee kmw Out fte ftoeptoto cmtntt men caMwf rfmeeaami? We>. Roger demonstrates techniques lor face-ptase joinery cabinet assembly, mstaflaton ot base moulding, and top. Approx one hour - hice 129 95

BASIC DRAWER CONSTRUCTION - (VW 102) Mm fee em WNutoretf tow le u*c* ¿roer feAfcs? Or how to turn wood scraps Wo drawer slock-» This tape provides information on drawer Ms. types of materials, and some general guideftnes lor hardware selection and installation Let experience be your guide. Approx. one hour - Price $29.»

ADVANCED DRAWER CONSTRUCTION - (VW 103) Nftee do yw art t bckiag imrtr piel «e Jfte tiMe urn? Here, you II see how to develop a drawing lor complex drawer pmery use French dovetails, tongue/dado joints, and locking drawer corner join« Step by step. Assuring your success. Approx. one hour - $29 95

»ASIC DOOR CONSTRUCTION - (VW 104) WUt are rte carreer' totoreecei tor MM; a (toor to m epaetogy Come to understand the differences between flush, bp and overlay doors Totoranoes. aflowances. and dimensons. pass stop, or decorative moulding. It's all here, team from a master' Approx one hour - $29.99

ADVANCEO DOOR CONSTRUCTION - (VW 105) Can fee Jesotte torn dffto/wf wtft ot cvtttof a rafead pane/ esto« Me toPto a* reáW *m umf Or can you layout and cut mortise and tenon joints lor use with raised panel doors? Learn layoul secrets for positioning mortise Tips to be a real pro! Approx one-and-one-half hours — $34.95

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