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Elegant leveling feet can be an integral part of your furniture design. Epoxy a carnage bolt into a turning blank, then spin it into the "screw" chuck shown to turn it to suit your taste. A threaded insert in the bottom of the furniture leg completes the arrangement.

GORDON KRL'PP Norihbrook, IL

Crepe Cleaning Sticks

Get an extra mile from an old pair of zrz~z zz\zi shoes or boots. Cut off the heels and use them as you would use a gum-rubber cleaning stick to clean sanding belts.

G. m. Gauger Laurinburg. NC


\-v For a professional-

looking edge treatment on plexiglass, try "flame-polishing." First sand out saw marks, then lick the edges lightly with a propane torch. The scratches disappear and the edge takes on a glossy finish. Practice on scrap to get a feel for the process.

David Bloch Barnwell, SC

Worth Repeating

Never use a rip fence by itself as a stop block for cutting equal length parts with a miter-gauge. Always

High Class Furniture Levelers

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How To Sell Furniture

How To Sell Furniture

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