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Have a problem with

_ glue buildup on router bits J0 when edge-trimming plastie laminate? The Black Knight 72-in. laminate trimming bit has a new space-age polymer coating that does for this bit what Teflon did for frying pans—no stick. In the past you had to stop trimming and clean the glue from the bit, especially the bearing surface. But the coating on this bit keeps the cutter and bearing clean while you trim. Available in '/a-in. shank with '/2-in. or 1-in. long cutters. (Price: $24. either size) ■ Success Engineering and Manufacturing, Dept. AWT, P.O. Box 25648. Clewland, OH 44125, (216)883-1200L

toxic, non-flammable and have no harmful fumes or odors —you can work with them in any room without special ventilation. The finish system includes Super Poly Finish (for extra abrasion resistance and exteriors), Clear Finish (for interiors), Hardener, and Stain (in five colors). Drving time is a fast 45 minutes. (Price: $l3.99/qt. Polv Finish. $ 10.99/qt. Clear Finish. $7.99/qt. Stain)

■ Mail order from: The Wbodwvrker's Store, Dept. AWT, 21801 Industrial Blvd., Rogers, MN 55374, (612) 428-4101.

Stricter environmental regulations for finishing products are on the way. The new Safe & Simple finishes and stains by Carver Tripp will satisfv the new laws. They're made w r with a water base so they're non-

The Poly Gauge is a jig for accurately setting angles on jointer fences and saw blades. At first glance, it didn't look like much for $25. But after using the Poly Gauge in my shop for a few weeks. I realized it's a very useful jig, and I'd suggest you give it a closer look.

The Poly Gauge is intended to set the most commonly used angles in stave constuction to build polygons of 4. 5, 6. 8 and 12 sides. For most woodworkers, setting these angles to produce polygons with perfect joints is an exercise in trial and error at best. With the Poly Gauge you can set these angles in one direct step on tablesaws, radial arm saws, and bandsaws, as well as jointers and drill presses. Use it to set blade lilts, table tilts, miter gauges and even for general layout work.

The jig is made of hardened aluminum, with angles said to be accurate

Veritas Poly Gauge within plus or minus Vw of a degree. It has a nicely-machined, heavy brass knob that screws into the middle of the jig when you're using it in a horizontal position (like setting a miter gauge). The knob can be removed to serve as a stabilizing base for holding the jig in a vertical position (like setting tablesaw blade tilt), so your hands are free to make adjustments. The angles are each marked with a number which indicates the number of sides a polygon will have if that angle is used to cut the pieces (it does not indicate the number of degrees of the angle). So if you want, say, an octagon, you use the angle marked 8. I carefully scraped the black finish off the high part of the embossed numbers to make them more visible.

I wouldn't say the Poly Gauge is "foolproof," as advertised, because nothing is—but it is a very accurate tool. I measured the angles with a Starrett machinist's protractor and an eye loupe, and found them to be more accurate than my ability to measure using these tools. But please keep in mind that even the most accurate setup won't compensate for blade flexing, play in machine parts, varying material density and other variables which could effect the final cut angle on the wood. So test cuts are still advisable.

I've set a lot of angles with good setup tools and some not so good setup tools. I found the Polv Gauge to be a well-designed jig that helped me set the angles I wanted easily and more conveniently than other tools I've used. (Price: $24.95) ■ Woodcraft Supply, Dept. AWT, 210 I\bod County Industrial Park. P.O. Box 1686, Parkersburg. WV 26102. (800)225-1153.

Giles Gilson


P.O. Box 3110, Bellingham, WA 98227

fThe Air You Wear

Breathing sawdust particles day alter day can be hazard-V ous to your health, especially if you develop an allergy to i^^^fcigr the dust. And have you ever tjSSt^^X tried wearing a full-face dust \ mask or respirator with a v % \ \ beard or glasses? Now there's • . an alternative. The Airstream

AGH-l is a safety helmet, face shield and air filter all in one self-contained unit. It has a small fan that draws air through a two-stage filter system and then directs the clean air downward across your face. The clear plastic visor has rubber strips which seal lightly against your cheeks. The constant air flow creates a slight positive pressure so contaminated air can't get in, even though the helmet and visor aren't constricting. A rechargeable batten» pack clips to your belt and runs the fan for about ten hours. The unit weighs 1.9 lbs., and you get to keep your beard—no problem. Turners reallv like it. (Price: $279)

■ Airstream Dust Helmets, Dept. AWT, P.O. Box 975, Elbow Lake, MM 56531, (800)328-/792.

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