Tray Runner

raised bottom panel gives added strength at the outside corners where it's needed and also shows that the dovetails were cut bv w hand rather than machine. As vou can sec on mv box.

I like to contrast smaller pins with larger tails.

When laying out dovetails, plan ahead to determine the location of the grooves for the bottom panel and trav runners. I laid out the dovetails on this box to minimize the number of stopped grooves I'd have to rout. The photo on page 57 will show you what I mean.

Cut the dovetails, then dry fit the box together and plane the top and bottom edges to make them all flush so that the box sits flat. Next, rout the grooves for the bottom panel and the tray runners. I've located the groove for the bottom panel so that there is '/i*-in. clearance between the panel and whatever surface the box sits on. Rout the grooves on a router table, using a '/«-in. straight bit (remember, the grooves in the end pieces are stop cut, those in the front and back are continuous, placed where the ends of the groove won't show once the box is glued up). I put a slight chamfer the edges of the grooves with a file.

The lid of the box fits into a rounded rabbet in the sides of the box (see Fig. 1). You don't have to round out the bottom of the rabbet, but it's a nice touch. To make this cut, I rounded the cutters on a '/:-in. highspeed steel straight router bit. Even though only the two side pieces have this rounded rabbet. I rout it on all four pieces to start. I then rip and plane the top edges of the front and back pieces down to the bottom of the rabbet, making these edges flush with the bottom of the rabbet on the side pieces. Afterwards, I dry fit the box together again and soften the inside edges slightly with a file.

Now, on to dimensioning the bottom panel. As the picture on page 57 shows, the bottom panel is raised


stopped groove

(Bottom panel removed for clarity.)

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