About The Wooden Dummy

The Mook Yan Jong is, in many ways, the trademark of Wing Chun training. It is a vital key of a practitioner's skill. In order to properly train and become proficient, one must have a wooden dummy that properly represents correct lines of force, and that has the correct amount of spring. There are several ways to make a Mook Yan Jong. These instructions assume that you already have some proficiency in using tools, and working wood. Please read the instructions in their entirety before you start making your wooden dummy, so that you may have a basic idea of all that is involved. As always, remember to use common sense, and be conscientious of safety measures; wear safety glasses, etc.

Following these instructions will leave you with a beautiful and functional, heirloom quality wooden dummy. And it will provide you the correct angles, as taught by Ip Man, through his son Ip Ching.

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