Laminated Wooden Dummy

Legs have been made by many methods. Some have used biscuits, dowels, and other means to create a strong joint at the correct angle. Experience has shown the following to be a simple way to create a solid joint on a leg. Please study this section carefully, especially the photos, in order to understand the process.

Start with two %" thick boards, and a 1 Vi" board. The thicker board will also be longer. Refer to the plans to determine the length of the boards. Cut them at a 45° angle.

Now assemble the leg pieces into place. When done correctly, you will have the leg in its entirety placed together without glue as shown below.

The two above photos show different views of how the joint will come together. The photos show a disjointed fit, in order to illustrate the individual board. Note that the boards alternate at the joint. This layering process can just as easily be done in four layers if using only thick boards, just keep consistent with the concept of layering the leg.

The photo at the left illustrates the leg and how it comes together. All that has to happen now is to slidethe two lower outside pieces up into place

Next, simply laminate the leg in the configuration as shown on the pictures. Use plenty of wood glue and camp the leg tightly. Let dry the entire assembly dry completely.

Cut the shank of the leg on a band saw, as done for the shanks of the arms, so that it fits into the leg hole on the body. Remember to allow for some play between the shank and the hole.

The leg can now be shaped according to preference. A simple pass of a router on the sharp, 90° angles, will give the leg the rounded feel that it should have. However, you may choose to further round out the leg to give it a softer, more cylindrical look. It will make for a better looking and better feeling dummy. To do this, use a hand plane or a belt sander, and simply take off as much material as desired. Sculpt the leg.

Wait to drill the peg hole on the back side of the leg until after you have inserted the leg into the hole in the dummy. Now decided where the hole should be. Next, drill the hole and carve a peg out of a dowel.

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