Finishing The Dummy

At this stage, one is ready to do the delicate finishing work on the dummy. If you have decided to conceal the checks on the body, fill them in using good wood putty and letting it dry.

Now one must thoroughly sand the body and all of the limbs. Hand sanding is fine, but using an electric palm sander will get the job done much more quickly. Remember to always sand with the grain. Start by using 80-grit sandpaper until you have a nice surface. Move on up to about 120-grit to prepare the dummy for the actual finishing stage.

Choose whether you want to stain your dummy with a specific color, or if you prefer to leave the natural look of the wood. The choice is yours. Any stain will do nicely if that's the rout you take.

Apply the stain as directed by the manufacturer.

Many finishes are used for wooden dummies. Some people prefer to use a lacquer, or just regular furniture oil such as Old English or linseed oil. Experience has shown that the best finish for the Mook Yan Jong is Tung Oil. Tung Oil is rather inexpensive and readily available. It strengthens and nourishes the wood and conditions the fibers, making the dummy last a lifetime. Freely apply the Tung Oil according to the instructions on the container. Apply three or four coats to your Jong before you start to use it. Thereafter continue applying Tung Oil weekly or monthly. One cannot overdo the number of coats of Tung Oil.

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