Particulars Of A Proper Dummy

There are some important and critical points to having a Mook Yan Jong with correct lines and a correct feel. One such point is that the two top arms must be placed in the dummy in a certain way, they must hang level. Uneven arms will distort the practitioner's skill in responding to different lines of force.

To assure that the two arms are level, one must insert the arms so that they are upside down from each other.

Notice that the 2-1/2" diameter on the top two arms prevents them from being inserted all the way in. It seems as though the holes were too close together. That is not the case. It is necessary to sand some excess material off where the arms meet, so that they fit in the holes at the same time, and so that there is some play between them.

It is an important detail to know that there must be a certain amount of play on the arms and leg. One must not drill the peg holes on the back of the arms and the leg too close to the body of the dummy. Allow some room, so that there is a certain amount of play. Notice on the photo the gap between the thick part of the arm and the body.

As shown on the plans, the crosspieces must be 1" thick. This is important. Often one will buy a 1"x 2" board at the store, and notice that it does not truly meet those measurements. To go any less that a 1" thickness will make the feel of the Mook Yan Jong too flimsy. It will move too much. Be sure to cut a half circle notch of 5/8" with a coping saw at the middle of the crosspieces.

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