Assembly Sequence

1: Complete the two side subassemblies. Each consists of a rear leg, a front leg, a desk side, and a bottom rail.

2: Build the drawer guide assembly. (See Fig. 3.)

3: join side subassemblies by installing the desk back, drawer guide assembly, desk platform and bottom front rail. Don't use glue when filling the desk platform in the side dadoes.

4: Build and test-fit the stretcher-and-slat assembly. Cut dovetails in the stretcher ends, and matching recesses in the bottom rails. Dry fit the slats in the stretchers; glue stretchers to the bottom rails.

5: Cut the dovetail joints in the top front rail and in the tops of the front legs. Install the top front rail. Then slide the desk platform forward and glue its rabbeted front edge in the top rail's groove.

6: Make and install the beads in the front rails.

7: Build and install the desktop and slant top.

B: Make the drawers.

Dashed lines indicate dado for drawer divider.

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