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The Robland X31 is as welcomed in European workshops «is a home run in the World Series. We put together a 12" jointer, 12" planer, 10" table saw, 50" sliding table, and a shaper with a mortiser. No cheating. No compromises. Some 1100 lbs. erf cast iron stability, with three separate 3HP motors. It slays put. It stays true, and it stays neatly in a little comer of your shop. That's why Belgians call the Robland X31 Tlx? Intelligent One Man Shop. About tlie only thing you can't make on it is breakfast.

1800) 234-1976 • (714) 494-7006 • FAX (714)497-1346 • 2265 Lacuna Canyon Rood. Ugurui Bcach, CA 92651

90 Minute Demo Video Available

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