♦ Requires properly sized compressor. SMART CHOICE

♦ For shops equipped with a properly sized compressor.

Bags for Veneering

Manufacturers offer a wide variety of vacuum bags differing in size, thickness and material. All bags are clear, except for the standard vinyl bag sold by Woodworker's Supply, which is frosted and difficult to sec through.

I'm convinced that the best size bag is one that accommodates a 4-ft. by 8-ft. sheet of plywood. (Only four of the 16 systems listed in the chart include standard bags this large.) When pressing small pieces in a large bag, you can simply roll up and seal off the unused part of the bag to save space and get faster air evacuation.

The most economical bags are 20-mil (0.020-in.-thick) vinyl. They're flexible enough to make loading the bag easier, and they also hold up well for occasional veneering. However, over time they're prone to developing pinhole

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