Ergonomically Designed And Balanced


See for yourself. There simply is no other cordless power tool that packs so much technology into so compact a tool as the Panasonic Predator EY 6100EQK cordless tool.

Feature for feature, ounce for ounce, The Predator offers the professional more power and better performance than any cordless power tool has a right to. Because it's precision-crafted to offer a power-to-weight ratio that tackles even tough jobs with minimum fatigue. Small enough to work in tight spots. So powerful it devours work.

,The Tronman' high-capacity battery pack, another innovation from Panasonic, delivers more work per charge and uses our 15-minute 'Coffee Break' charging system. |£JJ

And like all Panasonic power tools, The Predator cordless tool comes with our 30-day quality satisfaction guarantee! Your satisfaction will long outlive the guarantee.


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