Fender Washer

Carve underside of miter slot bar to fit saddle.

Bend and grind V* x 1 fender washer to saddle.


Grind two flats on !/4 x 20 machine screw head.

Improved Feather Board

The mitcr-slot feather board by Jim Cummins (see AW #31. page 27) is a good idea but has some drawbacks: It's awkward to tighten and sometimes the screw turns with the wing nut. I settled this by grinding flats on the head of the screw, adding a saddle-shaped washer as shown and replacing the wing nut with a wood knob.

Frank Gregg Dallas, TX

Bit of a New Twist

You can just about eliminate tearout when drilling through holes in wood by regrinding the tip of a regular twist bit. These modified bits are especially useful when you can't use a backing blockā€”as

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