The adjustable orbital action jigsaw. Just one more stroke of genius from Bosch.

Most companies would have been satisfied to merely invent the jigsaw. Not Bosch. We followed up with the adjustable orbital action jigsaw. Today, our state-of-the-art leadership can be found in the B4200.

To precisely match cutting speed to the job at hand, its orbital action can be set in four different positions. Plus, it boasts one of the most powerful motors in its class—a hardworking 1.8 amps. And harnesses this power with a variable speed control that dials up 500 to 3100 one inch strokes per minute.

The B4200 is backed by a one year warranty, 90 day satisfaction guarantee and one year service protection plan.

With credentials like these, it doesn't take a genius to see why the B4200 jigsaw is in an orbit far beyond die rest.

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