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can reduce burning and tearour; you'll also have a higher safety margin when spinning large-diameter bits (such as panel-raising bits),

1 use my speed control on the Porter-Cable 690 router that's mounted in my router table. (It won't work with the soft-start motors found on many modern routers.) The speed dial isn't linear, so most of the speed variation occurs in the first third of the dial's range; I don't find this to be a problem.

The speed control will also work on portable drills, sandcrs, saws or any electric tool with a universal (brush-type) motor up to a 15-amp rating. The unit comes with a clip to fasten on your belt and a fuse to protect against overloads. (Price: $39.95) Woodcraft Supply, Dept. A WT, 2/0 Wood County Industrial Park. Box 1686, Parkersburg. WV 26/02. (800) 225-J153. Circlc #620

Quick Change for Bits

Routers are wonderful tools, but changing bits can be a pain. Even on routers equipped with a spindle lock, you have to contend with at least one big wrench to loosen the collet. This difficulty gets magnified when you're working on a router table: Limited space makes it hard to get the wrench onto the collet, and a slip of the wrench can nick the posts of a plunge router or smash your knuckles.

The Eliminator Chuck is the first alternative router collet I've seen that overcomes these shortcomings. The Eliminator is a hardened alloy steel replacement collet which grips the bit's shank with curved wedges that you tighten by turning an Allen screw. Loosen the Allen screw and the bit pops out easily, without sticking.

The Eliminator Chuck is so new, it's

currently manufactured to fit only Porter-Cable routers, but models to fit other popular brands will be available in the future. I tried one on my Porter-Cable router and found it gripped the bit perfectly with no runout or slippage.

Mounting the Eliminator is easy. You simply unscrew the old collet nut, lift out the original collet, insert the Eliminator in its place and tighten once with a wrench. From then on, one-hand-ed tightening or loosening with the Allen wrench is all it takes to change the bit. (Price: $74.95) Walsh & Marmo Enterprises Inc., Dept. AWT. 7649 Long Pine Dr., Springfield. VA 22/51, (703) 644-5647. Circlc #622

A Guide for Mortising and More

The Mortise/Edgc-Guidc/Flush-Trim Jig from Woodhavcn makes several basic router operations quicker and easier to accomplish. I ordered my jig with Woodhaven's standard (7-V4-in. by 10V4-in.) insert plate, but it will also work on other plates if you drill four V4-in.-dia. installation holes as instructed.

Out of the box, this accessory kit doesn't look like much: a pair of clear acrylic fenccs, each with a built-up edge, and some installation hardware. But when attached to the underside of your plunge router's insert plate, these fenccs align the router quickly and easily for milling mortises. Since the fenccs adjust independently, offset mortises are no problem. Remove a fence and the remaining one can work as an edge guide or flush-trim jig.

I really like how quickly the mortising fences attach, adjust and detach. This makes it easy to switch from router-table mode to mortising, edging or flush-trimming—a real plus if you only have one plunge router.

To mortise stock less than fy4 in. wide, you just clamp scrap boards on both sides of the workpicce, providing a broader base for the router to ride on. With its ease of use, this mortising jig will have you switching from traditional mortisc-and-tcnon joinery to paired mortises and loose tenons. (Price: $36.99) Woodhaven, Dept. AWT, 5323 W. Kimberly Road, Davenport, ¡A 52806, (800) 344-6657. Circlc #621

Precision Guide Makes Edge Cuts Easier

If you've ever been frustrated with conventional router edge guides that are hard to set up, you'll appreciate the precision of Micro Fcncc. It's the only aftcrmarkct edge guide that lets you actually measure how you adjust the fence, so repetitive test cuts arc a thing of the past.

Some standard edge guides have screw-type adjustments, but they lack fine threads for precise adjustments, and they don't tell you how far you're moving the fcncc. Micro Fcncc has a built-in micrometer screw that allows you to adjust the fence position in increments as fine as 0.001 in. (One full turn of the micrometer screw equals 0.050 in.) Numbers on the micrometer dial are clear and easy to read.

Micro Fence is great for cutting dadoes in two passes to fit odd-sized plywood, and it lets you return to previous settings or reproduce cuts after the setups have been broken down. It makes exact spacing in fluting, reeding and veining opera-


Radius Corner Mouldings for Cabinets and Furniture

(B) Straight Crown to Match

(C) Radius Plinth Blocks

(D) Radius Deco. Comer (Beaded or Plain)

• Assembly Instructions AvaitobSe

• Avaiiabte tn Ash. Cherry. Moboguny. Maple. Red Oak. Whee Oak. £ Walnut

Call: 800-460-8030 (24 hours a day) After hours Ext #269 Ask for ^formation on rwSus cabnrft components or ttrtc to:

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